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Where It All Began

For the past 17 years Claude’s Food has brought fresh healthy flavours to markets and festivals all over the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Eumundi and Woodford were always our mainstays where we developed a large and loyal customer base.

For the past 3 years our business has taken a change of direction, our main focus now is cooking and serving delicious, balanced nutritious meals for numerous kinds of retreats. We take care of every aspect of the food so you can focus entirely on your own magic with your guests.

We also run our own cooking retreats where the focus is on food, fun, health and relaxation. Teaching delicious healthy meals that are easily recreated at home and various tricks to boost flavour in a natural healthy way.

We are also available as private chefs for a special dinner party or event where all cooking can be done entirely on site.

Meet the Team



I tend to remember events in life more by what we ate than who was there. My passion for food and cooking started very young, cooking dinners for my parents and pretending I was serving them in a restaurant. My job through high school was to cook weekly meals for our wealthy neighbours, and going to my aunts restaurant was always a particular treat for me.

In my 20’s I travelled extensively through Europe and Asia, working and gathering experience and influence like a sponge. I also gathered up a lovely Scotsman called Jon whilst working in the French Alps and brought him back to Australia.

On returning, I qualified as a chef in Sydney and continued on the path of variety with interesting jobs from high end restaurants to location catering for film and television to resort hotels and private chef on a luxury yacht in the Greece

We settled in Queensland, 18 years ago and created a successful foodie business that has evolved and changed over the years from markets and huge music festivals to cooking and serving at retreats.

People often ask me “whats your favourite food?’ my answer is always simple ‘ anything that’s good, why limit your self with favourites ?’ Using quality seasonal produce that is grown naturally with love and care is a great place to start. When I’m not in the kitchen I love to bush walk and garden, the joy of gathering the produce you’ve grown or the eggs you’re little friends give you is hard to beat.

Food should be about pleasure and nourishment, combining the two in equal measure is my ultimate goal.. Cooking should be fun, not strict or scary, it’s imperative that you taste as you go, it helps you learn about flavour and gives you confidence that what you’re serving is delicious. All elements must be considered flavour, nutrition, texture, aroma, temperature and presentation all play a huge roll in good food.



When it comes to our business, the clue is in the name, ‘Claude’s Food’ This is Claude’s baby, but like any good partner I’ve helped nurture, grow and support it since it’s inception (I also help do all that with our real baby Olive, but that’s another story.)

Although I’m also a qualified chef, she’s the one with the passion, I lift the heavy things, prep vegetables, set tables, wash dishes and ensure that our guests are happy and comfortable, I have years of hospitality experience so it suits me well.

Growing up in Scotland, food was simple and hearty, it was yummy but health wasn’t a huge focus and there was certainly no concern about sugar. When I met Claude whilst working in France I was hooked from the first bite, or was it smile….. She introduced me to a delicious new world of amazing food and sensible nutrition and I am forever changed because of it..

Anyway, here we are 30 years on, we’ve created this business together around her skill and passion and my hospitable nature and love of people, I think we make a pretty good team. I’m also a dab hand at lighting the fireplace.

The amazing Claude and Jon’s four day ‘Foodie Retreat’ has transformed my life, especially my relationship with food. Since the retreat, I’m practising mindful eating enjoying simple to prepare nourishing, and nutritious meals. My family, friends and clients have been equally enthusiastic about the delicious meals and wholesome treats I’ve been preparing for them, all of which came directly from the recipe book Claude so generously shared with us. My passion for eating and cooking, meeting new people, resting, receiving massages and facials, practising yoga, meditating, sound therapy, and pilates permitted me to forget about my own professional obligations. Claude and Jon, I love your enthusiasm and creative energy, so much so I can hardly wait to secure my spot  for your next foodie retreat!!

- Helen, Foodie Retreat Woody Grove Feb 2023


What We Offer

Two Qualified Chefs

with decades of experience in all aspects of hospitality.

Focus on Health & Flavour

with consideration to gut health, blood sugar stability, antioxidant, anti inflammatory & nutrient dense foods.

High Vibrational Foods

that shine with vitality, freshness and colour to raise your energetic frequency. 

Fresh Produced Sourced Locally

where possible, always ethically raised using many organic products.

Adaptable Menus

We can cover multiple dietary requirements within the same group.

Happy to Hold Space

for all guests and their foodie questions.

Remove the Stress

from your shoulders – our full service covers every aspect of the food on your retreat.

Friendly Service

We become part of your retreat family.


What People are Saying

“Transformed my life”

“The amazing Claude and Jon’s  four day ‘Foodie Retreat’ has transformed my life, especially my relationship with food. Since the retreat, I’m practising mindful eating enjoying simple to prepare nourishing, and nutritious meals. ”


“Fabulous food & flawless service”

“I will follow Claude wherever she goes! Her food is absolutely fabulous – fresh, healthy and an explosion of flavour. And they make a perfect team – Jonny brings the love and the entertainment all at once.”



Loved EVERYTHING! You guys have inspired me to get back into my kitchen, when are you releasing a cookbook? You guys are absolutely awesome! Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten! Many thanks.



Wow, you have added to the retreat experience in such a beautiful way. Each exquisite taste a delicacy. A wonderful way to be mindful in this beautiful setting.

You guys helped me through the breath work, smelling all those delicious aromatics, a chefs kiss.


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